Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amazing! Artists With A Special Touch!
I would like to introduce you all to Kris of LisianBlue out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She shares her home with her cat, Jax, who sounds like a real character! I am still grinning about her comment in her bio on her Artfire Shop, "I own a rather finicky cat who doesn't paint, doesn't help me pack, heck he doesn't even chase mice!"  Perhaps Jax doesn't inspire her, but it sounds like he has great entertainment value!
Kris is another multi-talented artist.  Stained, hand-painted and etched glass, knits and crochet, and fine photography.  She claims her father taught her that whatever she does, she should do it well - and she was listening!
Case in point...  This elegant hand-painted vase is just stunning!  It's tall form coupled with the painted lilies is a perfect combination.  The soft hues Kris chose for this piece give it a classy, understated feel - enough to make it an eye-catcher but not so much as to detract from the flowers which it may hold!  Her glass pieces have several layers of paint, with a 24-hour dry time between layers, which gives them all a three-dimensional feel.

Kris' crochet is amazing, too!  It is so unusual to find someone that crochets and knits, and does both well.  This red and gray crocheted scarf is just one of many examples in her Artfire Studio.
In her bio, she also notes her love of roses - I'm with you there, Kris!  She's begun to offer fine art photographs in her shop on the new Handmade Artists' Shop site.  These photos are so gorgeous and vivid, I bet you can even smell that rose captured in the picture!
Kris also has a delightful blog, twitter, and a flickr album. You'll enjoy your visit with Kris as much as I did!



  1. Super talented lady! Somehow I missed that vase-it's gorgeous!

  2. it is great that we each see from different perspectives. great post.

  3. The pictures are stunning! And I absolutely love all of the glasswork and painting!

  4. Im glad her dad encourage her to do things as well as possible, because it means we get to see some absolutely gorgeous creations. Great post.

  5. I'm blushing - 1. I'm so late this week, and 2 all these wonderful blogs and comments! Jaz, inspires me to rest! He is my constant companion, and I love him even when he wakes me at 5am because he's hungry!
    Thank you for such a wonderful write up!!!
    Kris aka lisianblue ( & yes it is 1 word, thankyou!)