Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amazing! Artists With a Special Touch!
Oh, where to begin!?!?!  I've written about Haffina before, but this good thing bears repeating! Frankly, I have no idea how she finds time to do all that she does!  Mother of five, at least two blogs, her own website, two shops on Artfire and another on the Handmade Artists Shops...  well, it's tiring just writing the list!
But it's her incredible and varied skills that just blow me away.  Chainmaille, jewelry, magnets, scarves, gloves...  the list goes on and on.  Let me give you just a taste!
Gold Torque Necklace with Swarovski, Tigerseye and Aventurine
This GORGEOUS necklace highlights many of Haffina's skills in one place.  I love the symmetry of this piece!  The chainmaille is wonderful, the wire-wrap scroll work divine and the color combinations of the beading is delightful.  This beautiful piece is a featured item in her Haffina Creations shop on Artfire.
Flat Blue Silver Polymer Clay Shimmer Pendant
And then, there are her polymer clay beads.  I am certain I could write several stories just focusing on beads, but I want to share more of her talents with you.  This bead is just dreamy.  It's as if Haffina was able to capture the universe in this single cabochon.  You can see more of her beads on her Beads By Haffina shop on Artfire.
And, just for fun, I found this whimsical magnet in her shop.  This cutie is entitled, They Call Me Wanda, and I'm a Fish.  It just makes me grin!  This is a handmade, polymer clay piece with a magnet attached to the back with "strong glue."
You can get better acquainted with this multi-talented lady on both of her blogs: Haffina Creations on blogspot, and Haffina Creations on Wordpress.  There is also a Haffina Creations web site with links to all of her other presences across the web.  And her wonderful shops linked above are well worth a visit (or fifty!).


  1. This is one super talented lady! Love that necklace too and the fish is so cute!

  2. What a pretty necklace! She is very talented indeed!

  3. She makes me dizzy! But with all that talent, it's a good dizzy.

  4. I love that fish! She has some amazing things!

  5. That necklace is a big fave of mine! Beautiful and diverse work!

  6. Thank you for such a lovely post and all the wonderful comments!