Sunday, May 1, 2011

Amazing!  Artists With A Special Touch! 

Todd of tmusichans has made me smile.  You see, most of you know I am "old," but what you may not know is that I'm one of the few people that lived through the 60s and do remember!  

Todd is in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has developed a love of low-fire clay.  He has an amazing array of Peace Signs in his shop, all of which bring me back to the days of my youth!  

His pottery is beautiful, too!  An elementary school teacher by trade, this artist is relaxing in vibrant hues and beautiful shapes!  Check out tmusichans shop and see for yourself!  


  1. Nice post! Cute shop too! The peace signs are so fun. They remind me of my childhood. :)

  2. Great shop. I admire those with skills in pottery, clay, and ceramics. I love the peace signs too!

  3. I absolutely love those peace signs! I spent quite a bit of time on his shop - including the sold items! He is rather talented :)

  4. I havent seen this artisan before.. really nice stuff! Great post.