Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Need an Adventure?  
A Visit to Reef Botanicals Blog Is Just That!

You never know what interesting things Eric & Larissa are up to, so it's always a surprise to visit their blog!  Before starting this post, I spent almost an hour just catching up!!!  From cake decorating and furniture refinishing, to candle scents and incredible soaps, to Mardis Gras in June parties - well it's just a delightful read!
Of course, links are posted to their own Reef Botanicals site and their Handmade Artists Shop - both worth a visit even to just enjoy their gorgeous photography (and I just HAD to include a
couple of pictures here to make my blog look so wonderful)!!

Reef Botanicals Blog is definitely one worth following -   Well written, entertaining, informative and just good old-fashioned fun!



  1. I love her blog too8) Nice post!

  2. Fun blog, great shops, and really nice too! Doesn't get any better! :)

  3. They are such a great couple!

  4. What great compliments! Thank you so much!