Sunday, April 17, 2011

Amazing!  Artists With A Special Touch

Oragami pendants
Hand Knotted Anniversary Pearls
I've written about Teresa Rusk before, but a good thing is certainly worth mentioning again!  Teresa's byline on her shop on Etsy reads, "Handcrafted Jewelry for Every Woman." So true!  From bold, striking and colorful oragami pendants to the classic elegance of a string of pearls, Teresa's shop has something for everyone!  

She also has some truly elegant wire wrap pieces.  This skill is something that has always eluded me, and I'm so in awe of those with this special 'touch.'

Teresa works only with high quality materials - sterling silver, fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones.  The workmanship is superb, and you can see her craftsmanship and pride in her work in every piece.

But Teresa is not a one trick pony, as the old saying goes.  She also owns a brick and mortar store called Hollyhocks LLC in Melbane, North Carolina.  It's a consignment shop featuring a myriad of diverse artisans.  Teresa writes, "We are dedicated to selling handmade to support local artists, our economy, and encourage local shopping." 

You be completely entertained by her blog, too!  And you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  Teresa is a tireless promoter of her fellow handmade artisans as well, although I can't imagine how she finds the time!  Please visit her sites - I know you will love them all just as I do!