Sunday, January 30, 2011

Amazing! Artists With A Special Touch
Impressions - Artisan Jewelry by Heidi
Heidi Coghlan of Summerville, South Carolina writes in her profile, "I have been "doing crafts" as long as I can remember.... I create so you can Create Yourself." I started learning about Heidi from her blog where I found articles featuring other artisans, meal planning tips, and articles about her tools of the trade. All of this was fascinating reading! She also has a Facebook page so that she can link to the rest of the world. I was truly in awe when I visited her shop on Etsy.
Purple Starburst Peruvian Thread Earrings
 I don't wear a lot of jewelry - it's just not my style.  But I do wear earrings and Heidi has a large and diverse inventory of earrings. I've seen these Peruvian Thread Earrings at craft shows and have just marveled at the patience it must take to do the weaving.  But never have I seen any like Heidi's.  Not only are they meticulously woven, but the copper frames are all hand wire-wrapped as well.  Every detail is beautifully formed.  And the addition of the tiny seed beads in the created web is simply stunning.
Hand Twisted Copper Wire Swirls with Rose Swarovski Crystals

And then, I went to her copper earrings section and was just in awe of these Swarovski Crystal and hand wrapped swirl earrings.  Again, notice the balanced and fluid wrapping of the swirls.  The combination of clear and rose crystals is so romantic and very timely with Valentine's Day coming up soon.

Celtic Dragon Earrings
I just had to check out her section of Pewter and Silver Earrings and found these wonderful Celtic Dragons! Suspended from sterling silver ear wires, the dragons float along with you held by Celtic knots and plum gemstones.  
Heidi's shop has bracelets, necklaces, sets and cell phone charms as well.  But I don't want to spoil all of your fun discovering the wonderful pieces Heidi has on your own!  You will have a wonderful time visiting all of Heidi's sites, just as I did! 


  1. I love the earrings! I look forward to the time when I get back to my dangly earrings without fear of Kara ripping them from my ears :)

  2. Excellent write up! I really like those thread earrings... they sort of remind me of a cross between a paisley and a dream-catcher hehe :)

  3. Thank you for the beautiful write up.

  4. Terrific post! I love the peruvian earrings too! very pretty!