Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year-End Reminiscence

This year has just flown by… it seems they go faster and faster the older I get.  But it’s been a unique and interesting year in many ways.

iKnitQuiltSew began in February of this year.  I called it ‘my pipe dream,’ and my husband and I still refer to it as that.  What’s interesting is that it’s not living up to that nickname.

In this almost full first year, sales have eclipsed my wildest dreams.  In a very tough economy, how well could I possibly do selling nothing but luxury items?  No one needs a handmade toy or quilt.  You can run into Wal-Mart and buy all the baby accessories you could possibly want at cheap prices.  Why would anyone part with the extra money to buy handmade baby knits from a perfect stranger on the internet?

Customer appreciation photo - blue baby blanket
Regardless, I am just amazed at what ‘left’ in this first year.  Twenty-two baby headbands (one of which went to Japan!), eight pair of booties, eight hats and four baby gift sets are all gone.  Three baby blankets have new owners, two blue and one pink.  I received this delightful ‘customer appreciation’ photo from one of the blanket buyers.  I do love the customer appreciation photos…  I’ve even started a bulletin board with them on it. I sold five teddy bears, one of which I rebuilt after it was mangled by dogs.  And I sold three quilts…  Trucks and Something’s Fishy and a pink log cabin quilt.  But surprising to me is how many dolls have found new homes  – Amy, Clare, Dana, Fay, Jane, Mary and Nancy are all happily living with their new families.  My intention in making these dolls was and is that they are toys, but that’s not generally the case – only Nancy was purchased to give to a child.  The rest of the dolls are companions to grownups.  Now all I need to do is work that into my marketing scheme!

The bottom line is that I couldn’t have done this at all without, first, the support and help of my terrific husband, and second, without all the friends and customers I’ve met on the web.  I still think that SEO is a four-letter word, but I am learning.  And with the continued support I’m receiving from all of you out there, I’m determined to do nothing but improve in the future.

Thank you for the encouraging comments, the warm and sincere feedback, and the seemingly endless show of support that you’re all sending my way.  This is one time for sure that I couldn’t have done it without you!



  1. yay that is awesome! I hope you continue to build and do well this coming 2011! :)

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