Monday, December 20, 2010

Amazing!  Artists With a Special Touch
This is a tough one...  where do you start?  Is there something magic in the water in Florida that makes people there multi-talented?
First, I visited Eye Candey's blog, and found myself chuckling out loud and the first article posted there.  Entitled, Crazy Outrageous Gift Idea!, it's a must read if you have just a minute. 
Door Candy!  Black and white vinyl!
But Eye Candy doesn't just entertain us with her writing...  custom printing is her art form, too.  And they'll print on anything...  vinyl, paper, fabric, edible sheets!  Take a look.
Edible Candy!  These are custom-printed edible cake toppers!!!

T-shirts and sweatshirts!

Cupcake Love wall decor - print!

Fabric!  There are days when I need to be wearing something made from this fabric!!!

I'm sure you are getting the message!  If you can dream it up, Eye Candey will be THRILLED to print it on whatever you like!  Not inspired?  Not a problem!  Check out Eye Candey's shop on Etsy, or visit her brick and mortar in person if you're in Tampa, Florida.


  1. Interesting post. I must say I never read other posts until finishing mine. And it usually happens that I have same images as other artists. It is amazing.

  2. I'm completely enamored with those cupcake toppers!

  3. With those fabulous cake toppers, she could give Duff Goldman a run for his money!