Saturday, November 27, 2010

Above and Beyond

The web is a virtual place.  You can't touch anything, feel it, smell it, taste it...  it's just there.  And I don't even like the word "virtual," since the web does in fact exist.  But is anything that happens on it real, or is it all just a fantasy world?

I would like to say that, without a doubt, the Handmade Artists Forum is a real place.  It's full of real people, with feelings, honest words of encouragement and true friendship.  

When I found the Forum, I got hooked almost instantly.  It wasn't a clique that I had to blend into.  Each person's differences were immediately embraced and encouraged.  I wasn't asked for my age, gender or religious preference.  Whether I was rich or poor made no difference.  I, a total stranger, was welcomed enthusiastically by this wonderful group of folks who work tirelessly to promote and support each other. 

This week, I am lucky and fortunate to be the featured artist in the Handmade Artists Forum Blog Ring.  People I've never met face-to-face are going out of their way to write about my craft, to recommend me to their friends, to take time out of their busy lives to promote  me - and we've never 'really' even met! 

I cannot say enough about the Handmade Artists Forum.  In a troubled world full of strife, dishonesty and heartbreak, it's a unique refuge of harmony and support.  Please do yourself a favor and see for yourself! 


  1. What you say is so true! This is the best bunch of people and I too feel very honored to be a member of HAF!

  2. HAF really is a terrific place, and I thank Andrew & Kimberly for introducing me to all of YOU!

  3. It really is great! Congrats on being the featured artist!

  4. Thanks to everyone for the comments!