Saturday, November 27, 2010

Above and Beyond

The web is a virtual place.  You can't touch anything, feel it, smell it, taste it...  it's just there.  And I don't even like the word "virtual," since the web does in fact exist.  But is anything that happens on it real, or is it all just a fantasy world?

I would like to say that, without a doubt, the Handmade Artists Forum is a real place.  It's full of real people, with feelings, honest words of encouragement and true friendship.  

When I found the Forum, I got hooked almost instantly.  It wasn't a clique that I had to blend into.  Each person's differences were immediately embraced and encouraged.  I wasn't asked for my age, gender or religious preference.  Whether I was rich or poor made no difference.  I, a total stranger, was welcomed enthusiastically by this wonderful group of folks who work tirelessly to promote and support each other. 

This week, I am lucky and fortunate to be the featured artist in the Handmade Artists Forum Blog Ring.  People I've never met face-to-face are going out of their way to write about my craft, to recommend me to their friends, to take time out of their busy lives to promote  me - and we've never 'really' even met! 

I cannot say enough about the Handmade Artists Forum.  In a troubled world full of strife, dishonesty and heartbreak, it's a unique refuge of harmony and support.  Please do yourself a favor and see for yourself! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Amazing! Artists With a Special Touch

Garden Party Soap
I've written about Reef Botanicals previously, but good things need to be repeated now and again.  You may think that considering soap to be art is a stretch...  That isn't the case with these folks!  The stunning photography on their blog, in their web shop, and their Handmade Artists' Shop will convince you of the artistry and care that goes into everything they do. Their soaps are completely homemade in small batches.  The finished colors and scents are created by the all-natural ingredients.  The finished products net a luxurious lather and clean feel.
Chocolate Decadence Candles
Chocolate Chip Mint Lip Balm
They don't only make soap - they make candles and lip balm too! They will be delighted to put a gift basket together for you as well!  Larissa writes on her blog that, "the house smells like heaven!"  I am not surprised in the least!!

A visit to any of their sites is a visual delight - enjoying their handiwork in your home is euphoria!  Drop into their blog, their web store, or their Handmade Artists' Shop and see for yourself!!!!!