Friday, July 2, 2010

"Do You Have A Teddy Bear Emergency Room?"

The cutest little toddler just fell in love with this furry little bear at Groovefest.  I don't know who was more tickled when it was purchased for her - she or I!  But when I received this text message, my immediate reaction was, "Oh NO!"  My reply, "What happened!?!"  My thought was that my workmanship was faulty on this bear that had been sold just three days earlier, which would be a first.  I know of my bears that were played with and are now twenty or more years old!  The reply...  "Dogs thought it was their toy." 

When they arrived at my house, what they brought with them was a plastic grocery bag full of furry pieces.  The head was still attached but dangling to one side, and missing an ear.  One leg had a nasty gash in it and neither leg was still on the body.  The arms were still attached, but not by much.  The only good news was that all of the pieces were still there!   I told them to leave it with me and I would do my best.

Yesterday afternoon/evening, I performed a three-hour surgery on this poor little bear.  I had a little of the fur left, but not anywhere near enough to remake the whole bear.  Fortunately, it is so furry that I was able to patch the holes from the inside and you can't even tell where they are.  I rebuilt the missing ear.  I re-sewed all of the seams even if they weren't damaged.  Then it got stuffed again and arms/legs were reattached.  I was rather amazed at how good it looked when I got finished!

So everything worked out okay in the end.  But I don't think I will EVER forget this text message!


  1. Now that's what I call love!! Even the doggies loves teddy! Maybe you should make a line of dog toys! Sounds like you'd already have a couple customers! =] Cute story!!

  2. I just love your little story. It reminds me of the many funny tales in a book I once read called, In Search of Teddy.

    I'm including your teddy bear in the HAFteam Wednesday blog feature on July 14th.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments and for inclusion in the blog feature! This darling little toddler picked up her bear just a bit a go... the two of them are so cute together!

  4. This is a wonderful example of why buying handmade is such a great way to go - if that adorable little bear had been purchased from a large chain store, the little toddler would be out a bear. How wonderful the parent thought to get in touch with you to repair this darling bear and that you could save it!