Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Amazing! Artists With A Special Touch
Paradise Purls

Elizabeth Humphries lives in North Carolina.  She's a knitter, and has been since she taught herself from a 'how to' book.  She loves the textures, colors and weights of yarns.  She knits in the round often - something I find challenging to do - creating these marvelous children's hats.  Her shop on Etsy is just full of them.  But to me, as lovely as they are, they are not the amazing thing that she does.
This is just one of her knitted bracelets...  no kidding!  A knitted bracelet!!!  And how pretty is this!  I would never have even thought to try and knit such a thing, and Elizabeth just seems to effortlessly produce them!  Her shop has an assortment in a variety of colors and yarns all very reasonably priced.

She also has a delightful blog which is well worth a visit.  Right now, Elizabeth is enjoying some well-deserved R&R with her family.  But please do drop into her shop and enjoy her wonderful creations or visit her blog to see more of her delightful work.  

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Shower Gift Registry Now Available at iKnitQuiltSew!

I have had lots of requests to set up a Baby Gift Registry in my shop.  It's not that I didn't want to do it...  it was more of I didn't know how to do it! I think I have finally figured it out!  Here are the directions for anyone who would like to register their 'wish lish' with my shop:

  1. Go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/iKnitQuiltSew
  2. Go through my shop and note the listing numbers  of any particular items you would like on your registry.  The listing number can be found toward the bottom of the right-hand side bar on each listing
  3. Send an email to iKnitQuiltSew@gmail.com, with Registry somewhere in the title line, listing the categories and/or specific items which you want in your Registry.  You can have as few or as many items as you like
  4. The body of the email should include your name for the title of your registry.
That's all there is to it!  I will set up a a special listing in the Gift Registry section of my shop titled with your name.  People interested will find a whole list of links to the items you selected in that listing.  Once the listing is active, I will email you the link so that you can refer people to it - or just send them to my shop, then click Gift Registry and look for your name.  Your Registry will remain active for a period of four months from the listing date.

I look forward to seeing everyone's wish list!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazing!  Artists With A Special Touch
Connie Cooper - Saorsa Studio of Beads

Connie Cooper lives in Texas, and I'm beginning to wonder  if there is something magical in the air or water there...  It seems a lot of very talented people reside in the Lone Star State!

Before you think, "Another jeweler?," please bear with me for a bit.  Yes, Connie makes jewelry...  some from beads she created from scratch and other pieces which are micro-macrame.  It is the latter I would like to spotlight.

The first thing I did when I reached Connie's website was to read her post on her pricing dilemma...  something I struggle with as well. I found myself grinning as I read that article.  Then I noticed a link for her micro-macrame, and clicked it.  This wonderful piece with it's Native American overtones was the first tiny thumbnail, and I just had to click on it.  My jaw dropped as I uttered, "wowwwww!"  I can't even begin to imagine the time involved in creating this incredible work of art, not to mention the planning process that must have preceded it!  I did macrame back in the sixties, but what I did is not even a distant cousin to what Connie is doing with beads and string!!!

Her earrings are just as remarkable!  The color of this lovely pair caught my eye first.  But looking at the enlarged view, again, I am just amazed.  It never, EVER, would have occurred to me that macrame could be so intricate and lovely on such a small scale. 
I also love this African Porcupine Quill beaded hairpiece which I found in her shop on Etsy.  I really don't think that Connie understands how to do anything which is ordinary or commonplace!

Connie uses 3-ply nylon as the base for her work, sometimes adding other fibers for color.  If the beads she uses are not her own creations, she chooses only the highest quality beads from all over the world.  Please visit Connie's wonderful website store to view and purchase her fantastic creations.  And, I have to agree with Connie's supporters, who repeatedly tell her that she's pricing her work too low! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amazing!  Artists With A Special Touch!
Here is another person who seems to master everything she touches!  Kris hails from Albuquerque, NM.  She's a classic night owl who thinks she may live on the wrong side of the world!  She has many, many talents...  but I would like to focus on her glass.
I love the Antiques Roadshow on PBS, don't you?  Would you be surprised to see this lovely hand-painted vase on that show...  a priceless heirloom, lovingly painted, worth a small fortune!  Kris provides ten pictures of this vase in her Artfire Shop.
Then there is this absolutely lovely hand-painted magical potion bottle.  Her grandson is an active participant in her art, imagining what wonderful concoctions her bottles, vases, and vials should contain! In my opinion, they are all lovely enough just to be placed and admired!

 But perhaps my favorite is her stained glass...  and pictures are certainly worth thousands of words!

Please do visit all of Kris' sites...  She has two blogs, http://lisianblue.blogspot.com/ and http://www.lisianblue.com/.  She also has two Artfire shops, one for the work shown above (and much more!), and another for fine art photography.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amazing! Artists With A Special Touch
LTD Beads & Jewelry
Here is a lady who is pursuing a childhood love...  She still has a box in her garage labeled, "Joan's Stones," which she collected as a child.  She started beading then as well, making rosaries for missions.  She spent a couple of decades in graphic arts.  All of this, and unforeseen unemployment, led her back to what she loved as a child...  beading and jewelry. 

Joan has a wonderful eye for color and balance.  This necklace consists of nuggets of turquoise, malachite, coral colored stones and sterling silver beads with silver plated, patterned, diamond-shaped focal points.  All these different colors and textures should fight with each other.  But Joan brings them together with elegance and style.
From the incredibly busy to simple and sublime... Lapis lazuli hearts hung on delicate and sterling silver chain.  The color of the stone itself makes these earrings so striking.  The classic styling make them timeless and never out of style.

Then there is this amazing bracelet, entitled Autumn Splendor.  It consists of semiprecious  stones, coral, bone and glass combined in this easy to wear casual wrap bracelet with leaves and beads dangling from the ends. 

Joan picked the title of her business because her pieces are limited in production.  Two pieces may be similar but rarely are any two pieces identical.

Please visit her wonderful blog, her website, or one of her other shops on Artfire or Bonanzle.  You'll be glad you did! 

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Do You Have A Teddy Bear Emergency Room?"

The cutest little toddler just fell in love with this furry little bear at Groovefest.  I don't know who was more tickled when it was purchased for her - she or I!  But when I received this text message, my immediate reaction was, "Oh NO!"  My reply, "What happened!?!"  My thought was that my workmanship was faulty on this bear that had been sold just three days earlier, which would be a first.  I know of my bears that were played with and are now twenty or more years old!  The reply...  "Dogs thought it was their toy." 

When they arrived at my house, what they brought with them was a plastic grocery bag full of furry pieces.  The head was still attached but dangling to one side, and missing an ear.  One leg had a nasty gash in it and neither leg was still on the body.  The arms were still attached, but not by much.  The only good news was that all of the pieces were still there!   I told them to leave it with me and I would do my best.

Yesterday afternoon/evening, I performed a three-hour surgery on this poor little bear.  I had a little of the fur left, but not anywhere near enough to remake the whole bear.  Fortunately, it is so furry that I was able to patch the holes from the inside and you can't even tell where they are.  I rebuilt the missing ear.  I re-sewed all of the seams even if they weren't damaged.  Then it got stuffed again and arms/legs were reattached.  I was rather amazed at how good it looked when I got finished!

So everything worked out okay in the end.  But I don't think I will EVER forget this text message!