Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quiet Time

Did you all  think I had vanished from the face of the earth?  Well, I did...  sort of!  Somehow, I managed to tear the rotator cuff in my right shoulder (my dominant side of course!) and apparently I did it a while ago.  From my reading I've learned that joints will form bone spurs to try and repair/replace/protect an injury.  So in addition to the TWO tears in the rotator cuff, I had a significant bone spur in the joint.  All of this damage was repaired successfully on May 13th.

Since then, it's truly been a challenge!  My right arm is attached to my torso via a sling/brace, so that the repairs can completely heal before I start using that shoulder again.  My right hand is fine, but its range of motion is extremely limited.  But I've learned that if I put the keyboard in my lap, I can type, and here we are!

Pursuing my art is a bit more challenging!  I'm sure I look pretty funny knitting with the needles working somewhere off to the side of my left hip!  Yesterday, and the day before, I have been working on a new doll named Gail.  What typically would take about a day is now entering its third day!  But it's getting done and I am busy, which are both good things!

Thanks for staying with me during this quiet time.  I promise as time goes on that things will get back to normal!

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